When does the comic update?

There's no update schedule at the moment, but I'm working hard on getting back into the routine of one. Hopefully we'll return to a Monday update schedule again soon.

What tools/processes do you use to make your comic?

  1. Write a chapter script.
  2. Thumbnail all pages for said chapter by hand. Tools: pencil & sketchbook.
  3. Taking it one page at a time, draw the line art in Clip Studio Paint, on a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.
  4. Colour in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  5. Start the next page!

Is this comic child appropriate?

I personally don't recommend Gummy Wizard Saga for readers any younger than age 6. That being said, I keep it free from any foul language or adult topics. The closest the comic has ever come to using bad language is one instance of the word "heck", which to be honest I would remove if I was redoing the page. I tend to tell parents that if they're okay with their kids watching Adventure Time, then this comic is totally appropriate. That doesn't mean Gummy Wizard Saga is just for kids though--I have plenty of adult readers, too! :)